SprinkCAD for Revit® Fabrication Tool

SprinkCAD for Revit® Fabrication Tool

SprinkCAD for Revit® now offers an expanded set of tools for use in a Revit® platform enabling the user to deliver fabrication-ready designs and material stock list reports. 

  • Start by inserting a piping plan from any source into Revit®
  • Layout sprinklers and piping
  • Connect sprinklers to branch pipes directly or with arm-overs or return bends automatically
  • Map Revit® pipes, heads, valves and pumps to the rich set of parts in the SprinkBASE database
  • Create Revit® custom families from that same database in seconds
  • Create a full material list and fabrication report that can be saved, printed, or exported to industry standard file formats

Advanced Design Capabilities:

  • Create and manage critical SprinkCAD fabrication settings with the Revit® environment
  • Draw arm-overs, sprigs, drops and goosenecks at any elevation
  • Auto-connect one or many branch lines connecting a group of sprinklers to a main pipe
  • Build custom families in seconds with a full database of sprinklers, valves, fittings and pipe parameters
  • Use the Error Check command to find disconnected MEP objects
  • Perform Fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations with full annotation in any view
  • Ability to export fire sprinkler systems into SprinkFDT for fluid delivery time calculations (SprinkFDT sold separately)

Latest Features:

  • Deliver fabrication-ready design and stock list
  • Generate required Revit® families and insert them into the design model automatically
  • Eliminate need for transition of design into the complex fabrication parts environment
  • Map any Revit® sprinkler system design to desired pipes/sprinklers/valves/other items for Material Summary and Fabrication reports
  • SprinkCAD’s intelligent strategies make fitting assignments for the entire project easier to manage than Revit’s native methods or other fabrication processes
  • Produce a Material Summary for the piping system directly from SprinkCAD for Revit®
  • Create fabrication reports and manage stock-listing by running SprinkSLIC from SprinkCAD
  • Return piping data suitable for use in Pipe Tags for annotation of installation documents
  • Systems are automatically cut to fabrication lengths with user-defined couplings when required
  • Welded runs and mechanical tees are fully supported
  • Piping arrangements and fitting assignments are easily performed using SprinkCAD’s tools and methods

Technical Details:

  • Operating system support
  • Windows 10 Professional (32- and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 Professional (32- and 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 Professional (32- and 64-bit)

Requires Revit

  • Revit 2018 through 2021

Company Brands

Rapid Response
Sabo Foam
Williams Fire and Hazard