Tools for Revit®

SprinkCAD Tools for Revit®

SprinkCAD now offers a set of tools for use in a Revit platform. Start by inserting a piping plan from any source into Revit. Connect sprinklers to branch pipes directly or with armovers or return bends automatically. Map Revit pipes, heads, valves and pumps to the rich set of parts in the SprinkBASE database. Create Revit custom families from that same database in seconds.

Technical details:

  • All regular Revit commands are still available for editing and building projects
  • Design areas may be defined from within Revit and calculated with the comprehensive SprinkCALC program
  • Hydraulic references include sprinklers, hoses, water supplies, standpipe nodes and orifice plates
  • Automatically create 3D models with the Family Manager
  • Auto-Branch – create one or many branch lines connecting a field of sprinklers to a ‘Main’ pipe
  • Error Check command can be run on part or all of a Revit model to find disconnected MEP objects; includes options to Zoom and/or Select one or many elements
  • Fitting, Valve, Hangers and other models include COBie data for BIM projects
  • Item data management is handled through the SprinkBASE program
  • License for Revit® Tools includes SprinkCALC, SprinkBASE, BIMport, and RFA Builder

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